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Tail Problem
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Author:  st3ntor [ Sun 24. Nov 2019 11:13:58 ]
Post subject:  Tail Problem

I crashed my Trex 550E the other day. It had a tail belt and it was flying perfectly fine, until i crashed it.
Now I changed it to torque tube, with the new tail rotor holder set and 600 tail boom. I have set my rudder end point to maximum on left and right end point. But when the rotor goes on full speed, it doesn't want to go full right yaw, but it goes full left yaw. The result is heli flies uncontrollably. I noticed it when I tested it on the ground without main blade.....I can't make the heli to spin to the right on full head speed (2000rpm), but rudder goes to right end point as soon as I flick the kill switch. it must have been the wrong setting. Coz I tested it with spirit and spirit pro with the same result. At the moment, my setting is rudder rotation speed 13, rudder delay 0 (I have 760mS 333Hz BK fast tail servo), rudder dynamic 10, piro consistency 220. Rudder common gain 1X and my rudder gain 28% on my DX9 transmitter. Need some suggestion here

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