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PostPosted: Thu 16. Mar 2023 12:25:48 
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Version 1.7.0 - ChangeLog:

It brings many new features and improvements:
  • Brand new RealTime Logging for Spirit GT and Spirit GTR:
    • Just log everything you want during entire flight.
    • Open RealTime Logging Window in the Diagnostic tab and set any telemetry or internal parameter for logging.
    • No special transmitter is needed.
    • 34 variables for logging, yet this number is unlimited for future updates.
    • Everything is logged seemlessly to a dedicated Memory chip.
    • All variables can be logged at 1 - 50 Hz rate.
    • Automatic PowerUp counter with one User counter.
    • Even 8000 logs can fit in the memory!
    • All ESC telemetry and GeoLink module variables can be logged too.
    • Each log can be debugged and examined carefully.
    • Memory Usage can be checked at any moment.
    • When memory is full, logs are automatically erased. Logging then continue without interruption.
    • Logging is started automatically once a rotor will start spinning.
    • Support for Saving and Loading the Log Files.
    • Demo mode allow to View saved Log Files.
  • New Rescue and Stabilisation engaging options:
    • From now it is possible to engage rescue and stabilisation modes directly with assigned channel.
    • It is possible to engage all modes without usage of Bank Switching.
    • Simplified setup can help to configure Rescue and Stabilisation in two steps:
      • Assign F: Rescue or F: Stabilisation in the General/Channels.
      • Choose Selected by Channel in the Stabi/Function parameter.
  • Support for TBS CrossFire protocol:
    • From now Spirit Pro, Spirit 2 and Spirit GT can use native CRSF protocol!
    • It is recommended to use AETR channel layout in the radio.
    • More details will be revealed at the CRSF Wiki page.
    • Use 4-pin cable for Wiring with receiver.
    • Do not forget to set CRSF TX and CRSF RX pins in the receiver - Default receiver configuration.
  • Graupner HoTT ESC telemetry support:
    • Brand new telemetry with Graupner ESCs even without HoTT receivers.
    • Please use ESC firmware with EAM - Electric Air Module.
    • Use JST-Servo cable without RED wire. It should be connected at the SAT1 port in the Spirit units.
  • New HobbyWing Platinum v5 ESC telemetry:
    • Full support for HobbyWing Platinum v5 ESC telemetry.
    • See wiring and settings at the Wiki page.
  • Added full support for FrSky F.BUS protocol:
    • New support for F.BUS protocol that carry telemetry and integration in one cable.
    • Possibility to connect F.BUS compatible telemetry sensors.
    • Support is available for Spirit Pro, Spirit 2, Spirit GT.
    • Wiring for Spirit Pro and Spirit 2 require FrSky integration cable.
    • Wiring can be found in our F.BUS guide.
  • Full JETI radio integration:
    • From now you can use very same integration that you know from Helicopters.
    • All model settings can be configured easily from your radio.
    • Configuration is available from Device Explorer. JETIBOX integration is deprecated now.
    • Spirit Aero BIN file must be downloaded from our web page to make it work.
  • Improved support for FrSky F.PORT protocol:
    • Support was added also for microSpirit, Spirit Pro and Spirit 2.
    • Wiring can be found in our F.Port guide.
  • Improved support for FrSky S.PORT telemetry and integration:
    • Improved support with some FrSky ACCESS receivers.
    • Avoiding telemetry lost messages.
  • Support for 24 channel JETI EX BUS protocol:
    • JETI radios can enable 24 channel mode from now.
    • It will work correctly in the same way as with a standard mode.
  • Support for Instant boot with recent Spirit units:
    • New feature that will allow instant booting after Flashing (apply for updates from version 1.7+). Unit will boot up without waiting.
    • When unit will loss voltage for short time it is able to fully recover instantly when flying enhancing safety.
    • Spirit GT and Spirit GTR: Improved safety when unit is hit by a very strong static dischage. In this case unit is able to recover when flying avoiding crash.
  • GeoLink v2 support:
    • You can use GeoLink v2 modules with Spirit Aero from now.
  • New GeoLink firmware updating:
    • All GeoLink modules can be updated easily directly from the Spirit Settings without downloading any file.
    • Firmware can be selected from the List and then you can press the Flash button.
  • Rescue (Automatic) mode:
    • Automatic rescue mode is fully supported with Spirit GT and Spirit GTR units.
    • Please verify correct operation in high altitude to observe how model will react.
  • JETI telemetry update:
    • New telemetry variable S GPS Lat and S GPS Lon for showing GPS position.
    • Telemetry variables are sent with a higher refresh rate.
    • S Altitude is showing current altitude also when model is not flying.
    • New telemetry variable S GPS Sats for displaying GNSS/GPS active satelite number from GeoLink.
  • FrSky telemetry update:
    • New telemetry variable GPS for showing GPS position available from GeoLink module.
    • GAlt is showing current altitude also when model is not flying.
    • GSpd is showing current speed obtained from GeoLink module.
  • HoTT telemetry update:
    • New telemetry variable Altitude for showing current Altitude available from GeoLink module or Spirit GT/GTR pressure sensor.
    • Altitude is showing current altitude also when model is not flying.
    • New telemetry variable showing BEC voltage as Pressure [GAM] when using ESC telemetry.
    • New telemetry variable showing Vibration Level as Temp2.
    • New telemetry variable showing Flight Speed from GeoLink module as Speed.
  • Updated SRXL2 support:
    • Support for SRXL2 was improved in case of poor signal quality.
    • Receivers/satellites are switched faster in case of lost signal.
    • Fixed problem where secondary satellite was not working in some cases.
  • Spirit Settings - Linux support:
    • Improved support for Linux distributions where QT4 library is installed.
  • Spirit Settings - Mac OSX Big Sur+:
    • Users of Big Sur and more recent will properly see active Tab Labels now.
  • GeoLink - ISP coordinates:
    • Coordinates are obtained from different provider which will improve reliability.

Update for the Spirit units, JETI integration is available in our Download section.

No need to change any parameter after update from version 1.6.

Spirit System developer

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