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[ Spirit Aero 1.6.0 released! ]
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Tue 14. Dec 2021 8:26:05 ]
Post subject:  [ Spirit Aero 1.6.0 released! ]

Version 1.6.0 - ChangeLog:

It brings many new features and improvements:

  • Support for new Spirit GT and GTR units:
    • Spirit GT is successor of Spirit Pro that was introduced in 2015.
    • Spirit GTR has embbedded JETI DUPLEX receiver.
    • It is based on a completely new technology with the most powerful chips out there.
    • Many exciting features are coming!
    • Specifications:
      • Dimensions: 36.8 x 29.6 x 13.9 mm
      • Weight: 20 grams
      • Material: Aluminium alloy AL6061-T6
      • Input Vultage: 3.5V - 15V
      • Motion Sensor: IMU MEMS with 20bit precision
      • Pressure Sensor: 24bit precision with 3 Pa resolution
      • Processor: Ultra Fast ARM M7, 462 DMIPS
      • Dedicated Memory: Up to 8000 flight logs
  • Brand new Online Updating Process:
    • From now all Spirit units can be updated online!
    • You can select which version you wish for update.
    • No need to download firmware files anymore.
    • User can't select a wrong firmware.
    • GeoLink firmware will be available for online update soon too.
    • Everything available from the Update tab in just two clicks.
  • New Rescue and Stabilisation precision improvement:
    • If you will encounter a precision problems after prolonged maneuvers, new Gyro Calibration method can be very useful.
    • This method is good in case that all other settings were not helpful.
    • If Wiki page has no solution for you, please contact us.
    • Gyro Calibration is needed only in very rare cases but can be extremely helpful for making Rescue absolutely precise.
    • Spirit System support will guide you with a further instructions.
    • Calibration can be also made in our factory for free. It is performed just once for unit.
  • New stabilisation mode - Stabilisation (Hovering):
    • Model will maintain vertical position to help hovering maneuver.
    • Pilot can easily hover with model with a minimum corrections.
    • Rescue throttle can be set for the parameter - with an Agile model you can use this as Rescue mode.
  • Support for vectored elevator and rudder for Flying Wing:
    • When you use Flying Wing you can connect also elevator (CH2 port) and rudder (CH4 port).
    • These outputs are stabilized and can be used for motor positioning.
  • Support for new receiver type - FrSky F.Port:
    • Telemetry, integration and channels are transmitted through a single cable.
    • Almost all older FrSky receivers can be updated for this protocol and utilize it.
    • Integration speed is noticeably enhanced when compared to S.PORT.
    • No special cable is needed.
    • Support is available for Spirit GT only now.
    • Upcoming update will allow support for all Spirit units too (with FrSky integration cable).
    • For more details please visit FrSky F.Port Wiki page.
  • Futaba SBUS/SBUS2 enhancement:
    • Each data frame is examined to match correct time synchronization.
    • Additional protection from corrupted packets.
  • Futaba S.BUS2 and FrSky receivers with Spirit GT:
    • A stright cable to RUD port is enough now.
    • FrSky integration cable is not required anymore.
  • Support for three SRXL2 satellites:
    • From now Spirit 2, Spirit RS, Spirit Pro and ╬╝Spirit units can be interfaced with additional satellites.
    • You can connect them at the satellite ports with SRXL2-satellite adapter.
    • NOTE: We still recommend to use full size receiver + satellite receiver together.
  • Improved Spektrum Integration:
    • Entering and closing the Integration menu is now more intuitive.
    • Only once menu is completely closed with sticks, you will see CLOSED label.
    • During closing you will see CLOSING label.
  • Improved detection of SPM4649T receiver:
    • Receiver is now detected properly so that integration should work always well with all Spektrum radios.
  • Spektrum DSM2/X protocol:
    • Spektrum satellites are switched faster on signal loss.
    • Temporal signal loss during satellite switch is only 100ms long.
  • JETI telemetry - RPM telemetry variable:
    • S RPM parameter has RPM extension after value.
    • This can be usefull for voice speech output.
  • JETI telemetry - New Altitude and Speed parameters:
    • Altitude and Speed telemetry variables are available from now.
    • Variables are calculated from GeoLink module or Spirit GT - depending on what is available.
  • JETI telemetry - New GPS coordinates:
    • New telemetry variable S GPS Lat and S GPS Lon for showing GPS position.
  • FrSky S.PORT telemetry update:
    • Telemetry data are sent in a faster rate and they are sent all together.
    • New Altitude telemetry variable is sent with Spirit GT.
    • No telemetry loss is present even when integration menu is active.
    • Spirit GT does not require FrSky integration cable at all.
  • HobbyWing ESC telemetry:
    • Temperature will corelate with ambient ESC temperature now.
  • FrSky telemetry update:
    • New telemetry variable GPS for showing GPS position available from GeoLink module.
    • GAlt is showing current altitude also when model is not flying.
    • GSpd is showing current speed obtained from GeoLink module.
  • HoTT telemetry update:
    • New telemetry variable Altitude for showing current Altitude available from GeoLink module or Spirit GT/GTR pressure sensor.
    • Altitude is showing current altitude also when model is not flying.
    • New telemetry variable showing BEC voltage as Pressure [GAM] when using ESC telemetry.
    • New telemetry variable showing Vibration Level as Temp2.
    • New telemetry variable showing Flight Speed from GeoLink module as Speed.
  • Full Spirit GeoLink module support:
    • Support for Return to Home feature.
    • Support for Geo-Fence feature.
    • Support for Altitude Limit (Automatic Rescue) feature.
    • Support for Altitude Hold feature.

Update for the Spirit units is available in our Download section.

No need to change any parameter after update from version 1.5.1.

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