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[ Spirit Aero 1.4.0 released! ]
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Tue 17. Dec 2019 11:38:18 ]
Post subject:  [ Spirit Aero 1.4.0 released! ]

Version 1.4.0 was released!

It brings many new features and improvements:

  • Support for brand new Spirit 2 unit:
    • Full support for new Spirit units with the latest generation hardware and design.
  • Initial support for GeoLink modules:
    • Allows recording each second of your flight.
    • Many new features are comming soon!
    • GeoLink modules are supported by all Spirit units!
    • Built-in protractor for GeoLink mounting delection measurement.
    • Interactive Google Maps in the Spirit Settings for viewing Flight Logs.
    • NOTE: For further details please visit GeoLink Manual.
  • Spirit Settings startup:
    • Software startup procedure was updated to be more user friendly.
  • ESC Telemetry support for YGE LVT/HVT ESCs:
    • Telemetry variables:
      • Battery Voltage
      • Battery Current
      • BEC Voltage
      • Consumed Capacity
      • ESC Temperature
      • RPM
    • NOTE: Use modified JST-Servo cable to connect the ESC with unit.
    • NOTE: Telemetry guide is available at the Wiki pages.
  • Spektrum DSM2/X satellites:
    • Support for up to 4 satellites with Spirit 2 and Spirit Pro units - Primary, Secondary ports, RUD port - with Spektrum adapter, RUD/AIL - with Spektrum adapter or SPM4649T.
    • Support for up to 3 satellites with Spirit units - Primary port, RUD port - with Spektrum adapter, RUD/AIL - with Spektrum adapter or SPM4649T.
    • Support for up to 3 satellites with ╬╝Spirit units - Primary port, RUD port - with Spektrum adapter, RUD/AIL - with Spektrum adapter or SPM4649T.
  • Futaba Telemetry improvements:
    • ROXXY ESC sensor changed to KONTRONIK.
    • NOTE: Set KONTRONIK sensor at SLOT 8 in the SENSORS menu.
    • Compatibility with the latest firmware and all FASSTest radios.
  • Futaba S.BUS improvements:
    • S.BUS2 connection stability was improved.
  • Flying Wing has optional Rudder support:
    • When using Flying Wing model type you can also control Rudder channel - servo can be connected at the CH4 port.
  • Spirit Settings - Channel Mapping:
    • Support for 16 channels with all digital protocols!
    • 16 channels available with Spektrum DSM2/X, SRXL/SUMD, SBUS, EX BUS protocols.
  • Spirit Settings - Special features:
    • Possibility to assign up to 6 special features!
    • Pilot can engage 2 times more features with a dedicated channels.
    • Configuration of the Special features is more clean now. Unused options are not visible.
    • NOTE: Mapping for all Special features are cleared after the update. Please set them again.
  • Jeti UDI-16 and SRXL-16 protocol:
    • 16 channel protocols are fully supported now.
  • Support for 16 channel Failsafe:
    • Failsafe can be configured for all 16 channels now.
  • New Futaba S.BUS2 verification:
    • S.BUS2 connection can be detected automatically at any point - during or after initialization.
  • New Futaba S.BUS2 Telemetry:
    • Telemetry is compatible with all Futaba FASSTest radios now.
  • New Kontronik TelMe ESC Telemetry:
    • Brand new protocol from Kontronik ESCs is fully supported with all Spirit units.
    • TelMe protocol is supported by Kontronik Kolibri, Jive Pro and Kosmik ESCs.
    • Available for Spektrum, Futaba, Jeti, Graupner and FrSky radios.
    • Telemetry cable with JST connector is connected at the primary Satellite port.
    • CABLE: Cable provided with the ESC can be used together with JST-Servo cable.
    • CABLE: Old Telem KONTRONIK cables can be used together with JST-Servo and a small modification.
    • CABLE: New Telem KONTRONIK v2 cable is available in our eshop.
    • NOTE: No Kontronik TelMe module is needed. Only the cable between ESC and Spirit unit.
  • ESC Telemetry update:
    • BEC current is now available as a Telemetry variable with selected models of Castle, YGE and Kontronik ESCs.
    • Available for Spektrum and HoTT radios.
  • Backup Oscillator:
    • Flight log will display notification if a Backup oscillator is used.
  • Spektrum DSM2/X protocol:
    • Improved Binding compatibility with non-Spektrum satellites.
  • Spirit Settings - Diagnostic tab:
    • Diagnostic tab was redesigned for a better clarity.
    • All features are displayed in the Diagnostic tab to see whether they are enabled and engaged.
    • Gyro Gain bar will display also a negative values.
  • Spirit Settings - Automatic Save:
    • New Auto Save feature for saving changes to the unit instantly.
  • Spirit Settings for Linux:
    • Updated runtime library for supporting the latest Linux distributions.
  • OpenTX integration update:
    • FIX: S.Port connection with FrSky RX8R Pro receiver is working properly on all Spirit units now.

New configuration of the Special functions in General/Channels is required (if used).

Update for the Spirit units is available in our Download section.

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