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PostPosted: Fri 29. Jan 2021 9:14:56 

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Problems with Gyroscope and Crashing Spirit System


Today I installed the Spirit RS on my 550 T-Rex and went through the setup wizard.

After completing the wizard, I noticed that both gyro sensitivity -50% and gyro sensitivity + 50% of the gyroscopes behave like in heading hold mode.

A look at the tab confirmed this, with both negative and positive values ​​there was heading hold.

I then deactivated the stabilization in the Stabilization tab and was then able to switch the activation of the stabilization from neg. Gyrogain to a dedicated channel.

The diagnosis now also indicated normal for negative values ​​and, after switching, heading hold for positive values.

My problem of understanding:

As soon as I activate the stabilization, no matter which one, there is virtually no real normal gyro mode anymore.
Positive and negative channel values ​​are displayed in the diagnosis, but the heading hold mode is displayed and the
Kreisel also behaves like in heading hold. Regardless of whether the rescue is actively operated or not.

Second, I noticed that when the stabilization is deactivated, and the normal and heading hold mode for the
Gyro really exists, the servo travels in normal mode and heading hold mode diverge extremely from each other.
But not in the servo monitor of the transmitter and the diagnosis, there always +/- 100%. ?

The previously set limits are approached, so to speak, only in heading hold mode.

This does not open up to me.

Can someone explain these connections, it seems strange to me.

The transmitter is a DS 24.
everything on the latest software version.
At first I didn't activate the bank switching so as not to make it even more complicated.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Now the next curiosity ...

I thought I would try the endpoints of the tail rotor stops over the point Limitations
reset when the gyro is in normal mode, as it only makes very small deflections there.
So gyro switched to normal mode, Spirit menu "Limitations" opened, left selected and turned on the wheel ...
Spirit hangs up, no more reaction, Heli no more reaction either. Only after separation and again
connect the battery back to the old one. But also the strange behavior.

Think that shouldn't happen!

PostPosted: Fri 29. Jan 2021 9:24:58 
Site Admin

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described behavior with Gyro Gain is perfectly correct.

You can view the table here: ... on_vs_Gyro

When you are in Heading Hold mode you can reach the limits easily, because servo is not returning back to center. It is working very differently in both modes. So it depends on other factors such as Rotation speed, Rudder Dynamic, stick throw.
But limits are used in both Gyro modes, but in Normal you can just not reach it that easily - very dependent on settings.

Channel Input and servo output are completely different things. Same apply for swashplate. If you will deflect stick just at for example 10% you can still reach end-point of the rudder. It is enough to wait few seconds.
This is also correct behavior with all common Gyros.

Regarding configuring End-point I do not recommend to set them in Normal mode - because usually you can't reach them.
When you will use the Setup Wizard then it is not an issue, because tail will switch to special mode.
In other words if you are configuring Rudder End-points gyro will switch to special mode which will show you where is the limit.
If you will not turn it off, then it will stay in this mode. And nothing else will happen. Unit will not react to any movements.
The special mode is also signalized by Status LED of the unit.

I hope this will help you.

Spirit System developer

PostPosted: Fri 29. Jan 2021 9:29:07 

Joined: Thu 21. Jan 2021 16:15:59
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thanks for this vey fast answer.

Then everything is ok and nice !

Thank you !

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