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Tandem heli
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Author:  Trek nut [ Fri 30. Nov 2018 23:20:22 ]
Post subject:  Tandem heli

Hi Tomas! Is any chance you will have it in Spirit Pro ?

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Tue 04. Dec 2018 12:13:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

Yes, there is very high change we will add full support for a tandem helicopters.

Author:  Trek nut [ Tue 04. Dec 2018 21:36:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

Thank you so much for your replied ! Can’t wait.

Author:  steph621 [ Thu 16. May 2019 12:28:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

Hi I see this post is a year old and I am wondering because I have two spirit pros and building a tandem has there been any development on tandem helicopters in the spirit pro

Author:  Trek nut [ Thu 16. May 2019 22:58:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

I second that question. :?:

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Thu 23. May 2019 12:27:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

If you can, please send a detailed photos of your model, especially the mechanics with visibility to a push rods.

We are working on the support, so it will be there for sure, quite soon.

Author:  Trek nut [ Fri 24. May 2019 1:06:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

Hi Tomas ! PM send with pictures . Thanks again

Author:  steph621 [ Wed 18. Sep 2019 19:44:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

Hi this is my tandem ccpm 120 deg setup on a trex 500

20190517_164713.jpg [ 1.66 MiB | Viewed 3257 times ]

Author:  steph621 [ Thu 19. Sep 2019 19:15:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

this is my Trex 500 twin tandem


Author:  steph621 [ Sun 09. Feb 2020 16:36:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem heli

Hi its good news to see the support for tandem has arrived with New version 2.8.0 first step in the right direction
will there be support added for the ccpm120 3 servo's per swash as I am thinking of building a trex 700 size tandem and wanted to try the spirit on it


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