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 Post subject: Re: Transmitters?.....
PostPosted: Tue 26. Jan 2021 21:37:57 

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HeliMLM wrote:
latjo-k wrote:
How do you program the YGE:s from TX?

=> JetiBox... the YGE can be found under "Mx"... most important parameters can be configured directly.

I thought it could be done whitout any additional equipment.What Jetibox shall i bougt,jetibox,mini
or profi?
Thanks Michael

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 Post subject: Re: Transmitters?.....
PostPosted: Tue 26. Jan 2021 21:50:07 
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Hi Latjo,

Jetibox is on your Jeti Tx: >> Applications >> Jetibox (or is it not available on DS-14?)... so NO additional hardware needed, just your Jeti :)


 Post subject: Re: Transmitters?.....
PostPosted: Tue 26. Jan 2021 22:52:16 
Site Admin

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Personally I tried the most radios so I have a lot of experience.
And for me important is speed, weight, durability and good feel in hands.
I was user of Futaba for over 8 years, previously it was Spektrum.
Futaba never failed on me but development stopped somehow, while being focused just on their products.
The most features are available from OpenTX radios and for the best price.
But you can't expect to make all things quickly, but you can do everything there.
Unfortunately so many options in all areas might lead to a confusion,
I did not like JETI radios, until DS-12 was released. And from this moment I found my favorite and I think is suitable for the most pilots too.
It has everything that I was looking for.

But one can't never say something is the best for all. The most 8+ channel radios are fine even for a pro pilot. It will likely not help you with flying whatever price and features are.

Spirit System developer

 Post subject: Re: Transmitters?.....
PostPosted: Wed 27. Jan 2021 10:49:29 

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10x wrote:
Pete678 wrote:
I've only dipped my toes into Jeti research, but from what i have read they are extremely high quality radios with great integration. In terms of just looks, it's stunning!. It obviously performs as good as it looks by the sound of it :) . I definitely think you get your monies worth with them!
Just out of interest, how much is it to unlock the channels to get 12 in total?

20 euros to 12 channels and another 20 to 16 channels.....Or look at the Spirit DS12... ... ds-12.html
Already set up with 16 channels...

Is that all?!!! That's crazy cheap!
I thought it might of been something like the beastx upgrading to pro for like $100.

Jeti are sounding better and better. I'm going to go have another look at there transmitters :D

Thanks all

 Post subject: Re: Transmitters?.....
PostPosted: Sat 20. Nov 2021 18:42:31 

Joined: Tue 12. Oct 2021 17:55:27
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for me and my friends, only openTx, and now the successor, edgeTx
mainly on FrSky X10S, and somtime on RadioMaster TX16s (since it have a touch screen)

 Post subject: Re: Transmitters?.....
PostPosted: Tue 11. Jan 2022 21:25:35 

Joined: Tue 11. Jan 2022 18:46:43
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I got into Jeti in the very early days, pre transmitters.. I had been shot down at events twice, on 35MHz, so had good reason to go to 2.4 ASAP. Telemetry wasn't available on the Spektrum units, but was promised for both Multiplex and Jeti. I really wanted telemetry, and Jeti were the first to deliver it by almost a year, Multiplex next, then gradually it has become standard. I bought the Jeti Tx module that fitted into other transmitters, mine being a Multiplex Evo. Eventually the Evo started playing up, and as I had dozens of Jeti Rx by then, a Jeti Tx was the answer. That was a little over seven years ago.
Jeti isn't cheap, but is very reliable, very well made, excellent UK support (see Harry Curzon's Youtube videos) by both Harry and the main importer, Bernie.
I've recently bought a second Jeti transmitted, so now I have my old 16 channel, and a new 24. I don't regret either.

 Post subject: Re: Transmitters?.....
PostPosted: Tue 18. Jan 2022 0:02:23 

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If I just flew helis, I'd probably do Jeti.

I use an frsky ethos x20. I used an opentx frsky in the past and was happy with it, comfortable etc. I really like the X20 and the receiver gear is very reasonably priced.

 Post subject: Re: Transmitters?.....
PostPosted: Mon 07. Mar 2022 22:50:41 

Joined: Wed 09. Jun 2021 19:53:22
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for helis size 350 and bigger, airplanes: jeti ds16

for smaller helis (omp m1/m2) and quads: frsky x-lite pro with an elrs modul for quads and an multi modul for various "toy" protocolls
the x-lite will probably be retired in favor of an radiomaster zorro.
(i ditched all the fr-sky receivers...)

and i am torn:
if jeti had small receiver like elrs and woopboards with integrated rx, greater acceptance with the quad community, i would switch completely to jeti
if elrs had more normal rx (for airplains) and flight controllers would support it, i would switch completely to elrs

also i am a pc guy i never liked game controllers...
but i must say as a radio i like the game controller style, feels a lot more natural for flying to me then the classic brick style ;)

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