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Please help with Spirit FBL on my Oxy4
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Author:  Dbzguy74 [ Sun 09. Oct 2022 0:01:22 ]
Post subject:  Please help with Spirit FBL on my Oxy4


So I installed a Spirit FBL on my Oxy4 with a Futaba 10j Radio and HW ESC. I got the Sbus adapter cable and hooked everything up and it was working fine then I unhooked everything, removed the main head unit to do the swashplate leveling and reinstalled all the servo and ESC, Sbus wire connections and now I get no movement from the servos when actuating the sticks on the radio.

I'm not sure if I plugged in the Sbus cable incorrectly when reinstalling and either fried the cable or the actual unit but the LED is solid until I turn on the Radio and it has a slow blink now. I verified all the servos still work and hooked them up to my Rx and they work that way but not when all installed into the unit.

This is seriously drving my crazy and hopefully someone on here can help with suggestions as to how to figure out whats going wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Author:  rexbirk [ Thu 15. Jun 2023 23:38:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Please help with Spirit FBL on my Oxy4

Old topic but Im having the same exact issue hooking up a frsky via sbus. Was working fine but now not. Bad cable?

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