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Vers. 3.4.0 Question: Rescue and Stabilization one Channel
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Author:  pinkisoft [ Sat 28. May 2022 14:00:27 ]
Post subject:  Vers. 3.4.0 Question: Rescue and Stabilization one Channel

I have installed the current 3.4.0 version and am still looking for the setting that I can use a switch and, above all, a channel to control the rescue function and stabilization. The way I see it, I always have to keep at least 2 channels for it.

Wish: on 3-way switch with a rocker switch position:
- Switch position 1 (down): stabilization and rescue off
- Switch position 2 (middle): stabilization
- Switch position 3 (rocker switch - up): rescue function

Is it controlled via one channel or do at least 2 channels have to be used for it? The way I understand the new "assign to channel" function is that I have to use one channel for each type of stabilization mode. Unfortunately I don't have that many channels.

Thank you for your answer.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Sat 28. May 2022 14:34:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Vers. 3.4.0 Question: Rescue and Stabilization one Chann


you can set 2-3 functions on one channel for years already.

It is enough to use Bank Switching, set different function to each bank and set there a Negative Gyro gain in the Sensor Tab - Gyro Gain channel must be unassigned in the Channels window.
Then you can change between these functions immediately just by one channel.

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