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Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?
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Author:  Rob [ Thu 12. May 2022 11:08:04 ]
Post subject:  Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hi guys, I was searching for an explanation on how to set up my Spektrum DX9 BE radio to my Spirit 2 FBL unit. I have just built an XL Power 550 machine, my very first ever build, with a HW 120amp Platinum esc, and I am struggling with how to set up my DX9 to my Spirit2. I am bound to 2x Spektrum Sat receivers, swash is level and servo's are mixed properly and all moving in the right direction. Just when it comes to programming the radio I am stumped. My Gov bar on the wizard is inactive, I guess because I am using ESC Gov? I have my Gyro on my radio inhibited at the moment because I am unsure what settings I should be using, or any settings for that matter. If anyone could possibly help shed some light on this I would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Author:  Mattes61 [ Fri 13. May 2022 17:34:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hello Rob,
what kind of problem do you have to program the DX9 ? Please can you discribe that a little bit better ?
Have you set up in the Diagnostic Tab all inputs to 100% and all directions of input are right ?
I can help you if you discribe it a bit more -


Author:  Rob [ Sat 14. May 2022 8:09:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hi Mattes61,
Thank you for your reply.
My diagnostics are all correct in the Spirit wizard, channels are all responding correctly also, I am just nor sure of the Gyro settings in the DX9, or whether I need them set, or only if using rescue mode? To fly with normal settings, i.e: Normal, Idle up 1, Idle up 2 do I need to make any adjustments in the radio? I have those modes assigned to my 3 way B switch. Rescue is not important to me at this stage, so I am happy with whatever settings will allow me to spool up and click up into Idle up 1 & 2 if required. Also do I have to assign any switches in the DX9 to fly the modes I have mentioned?
Many thanks Matte61.

Author:  Mattes61 [ Sat 14. May 2022 11:12:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hi Rob,
for my understanding only, have you ever set up an heli in the DX9 ? You know to set up pitch curves and throttle curves or you are totally new to helicopters ? Have you ever flown an heli before for example blade helis or others ? That's most important for me to help where I must start in the theme !

If you have never flown a heli you should try to start with an other heli than an XLPower 550 in my opinion because this heli is a big one for start and that maybe without support of an other experienced pilot -
You can hurt yourself and others, that's the main aspect -

Thanks for your answers !


Author:  Rob [ Sun 15. May 2022 0:00:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hi Matte61,

Thank you for your reply once again.
I have been away from RC Helicopters for many years, and very recently have returned to the hobby. I was 5 years in the hobby prior, and have now been back for around 6months this time.
I currently own a OMP M1 and M2 machine I have been flying with my DX9, which I have set up no problems. I recently have built a XL550 machine with a Spirit 2 FBL, which I have no experience with FBL systems prior to this build, and this 550 is my first ever build and mid size machine.
I have all orientations down, and practice everyday on my sim and with my smaller models.
The electronics and programming are a real challenge and learning curve for me, perhaps I am over thinking it? My radio is set up with pitch and throttle curves, linear, with some expo on rudder and cyclic for these smaller models. Hold, Idle 1 & 2 set up and working.

Author:  Mattes61 [ Sun 15. May 2022 20:35:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hi Rob,
ok you have made a new helicopter model in the DX9 so far so good ! The throttle curves and pitch curves are linear in the standard model in the DX9, that's absolutely ok and necessary for the settings in spirit settings -

For the settings of the gyro (tail gain) you can go to the function list there you go in the gyro menue and switch from inhibit to a dedicated switch for example switch C, then you get three different switch positions then set the values to pos 0=-100, pos 1=0, pos 2=+100 -
The correct channel is preselected as gear (channel Nr.5) !

At first you can start the spirit wizard in the spirit settings - select here Spektrum dsmx sattelites, then in the next page you see the wiring diagram, after that you see the general settings, look at the orientation of the spirit in the heli and choose the correct setting for example horizontal 0° or choose the right one you need -
select the right swashplate orientation, for 'XLPower you need 120° you can choose the default model preset or for example Align 550 - I take for my helicopters, if they are not listed the default preset -
Then you come to servo basic settings, here you must look for the dedicated settings of the servo manufacturer - here you see also the swashplate where is shown in wich position which servo must be connected - then push connect then you are in the diagnostic panel - here you must set the output that you get the correct direction and the correct value of 100% - choose in the servo settings the respective channel - for the right value you take travel for changeing the direction you must take the reverse selection - If all directions are right and all values 100 % then this step is ready ! Then you come to servo operations settings - check here if all directions are working right for example pitch at first positive pitch the swashplate should move upwards, reverse servos with the checkbox marked for servo 1-3 if necessary, then check if aileron right is right and elevator up is elevator up etc. - Servo 4 is the Rudder servo, check here if the direction is correct for example rudder right should move the rear sliding sleeve to the boom - the next step is the servo subtrim settings - for the swashplate all servoarms must be perpendicular to the servo housing and take an swash level tool and set it up that all servos are at the same height - put on the rotor head and check with an gauge that the blades have in this position 0° pitch that's important ! pitch adjustment is only neede if your blades have no 0° (zero pitch) and your adjustment is not accurate enough - The same for the rudder servo, set it so that it is perpendicular to the sevo housing - then lengthen the pushrod so that the rearblades are slightly inwards - in the next step you come to the head geometry tuning, here you have to set only in one direction the 6° not more than 6° !! After that you have to set the collective pitch - I would say +-12° is enough, but it is it's a personal preference depending on the flying style - you can set the value higher or lower - Then the adjustment of cyclic ring, so 10° is ok but it must bee proved if there is no binding in the system, have you some binding then you must reduce so long till you hear no more binding (buzzing) - Then for the rudder setting the same for left and right to get no binding (buzzing) - Then you are ready in your basic setup -

If you have done this the most is done - If you have special questions then ask how I can help you -


Author:  Rob [ Sun 15. May 2022 23:41:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Fantastic Matte61!
Thank you so very much for sharing this information with me, and for taking the time to be so exact. I do appreciate it.
I have most of the settings set like you have described. I guess the thing that is catching me up is the Gyro (tail gain) settings in my DX9 radio.
Can I assign the in the Gyro radio settings my switch to be the same as my flight mode switch? In my case its switch B that gives me Normal, Idle up 1 & Idle up 2 or does the switch have to be a different one? At the moment my Gyro settings are Postion 1: 70%, Position 2: 68% and Position 3: 66%, I have nothing negative, all positive which I now realize wont activate rescue/acro/stability mode. Also in the Channel Input Config radio settings, my Gear channel (5) is set to inhibited, should that be active? And in my F-Mode Setup in DX9 System Setup, I have switch B (which is my Norm,Idle 1 & Idle 2) , Switch 2: Inhibited, and Switch 3 is set to G (Throttle hold) are these OK to leave?
Again Many thanks Matte61 for all your time and support with this. It is greatly appreciated!

Author:  Mattes61 [ Mon 16. May 2022 15:16:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hi Rob,

to your question:
"Can I assign the in the Gyro radio settings my switch to be the same as my flight mode switch? In my case its switch B that gives me Normal, Idle up 1 & Idle up 2 or does the switch have to be a different one? At the moment my Gyro settings are Postion 1: 70%, Position 2: 68% and Position 3: 66% "

For having Flightmodes you have to go in the system settings under F-Mode-Setup - For Switch 1 you have to go with the roller to switch 1 and klick one time the roller button and then select the dedicated switch for the flight mode (switch B is preselected in my DX8G2) - then you go with the roller to the Hold Switch (inhibit) and klick once with the roller then activate the hold switch for example switch H - switch with the roller again that you have completed the selection - then go back to main screen

your next question:
"Also in the Channel Input Config radio settings, my Gear channel (5) is set to inhibited, should that be active?"
Yes you have to activate the gyro and then switch the switch B and then confirm the selection with the roller button - Then you get three positions 0, 1, 2 (Normal Mode, Stunt 1, Stunt 2) - For starting you can set the values to 50% and then depending on head speed you have to adjust - Basically for higher RPM's lower values and vice versa - This values must be tested individually - Only hint, if the values too high the tail is oszillating fast ! That can be problematic because controll could be very hard -

I hope I could help you -


Author:  Rob [ Tue 17. May 2022 3:00:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hi Matte61,

Many thanks once again for your time and guidance. I have included some pictures of my current settings on my DX9 radio for your consideration.
The Gyro settings I understand should be 50% to start with, but ALL 50% or do I need to make one -50% for the stability/acro/rescue to operate properly?
Thank you

File comment: My settings at the moment Matte61. Are there any corrections to be made, apart from Gyro?
20220517_115410.jpg [ 3.61 MiB | Viewed 61 times ]

Author:  Mattes61 [ Tue 17. May 2022 20:11:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit 2 /DX9 configuration/settings?

Hi Rob,
you can start for all flightmodes with Gyro Gain 50% -

With your DX9 you can take an extra channel for rescue, for example Aux 3 or Aux 4 -
in the Digtal Switchsetup you can assign a dedicated switch, for example switch A in the transmitter -
You only have to set the stabifunction in the general tab under channels with the dedicated channel for example channel 8 -

channel_mapping_DSMX_Receiver.jpg [ 123.2 KiB | Viewed 46 times ]

If you have only one bank you must assign in the register stabi the wanted rescue mode for example
Stabimode.jpg [ 146.38 KiB | Viewed 46 times ]

stabimode normal means rescue always with landing gear down -


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