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[SOLVED] Problem with rescue and gyro reaction
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Author:  Teaser [ Wed 11. May 2022 16:24:16 ]
Post subject:  [SOLVED] Problem with rescue and gyro reaction

Hi all,
I've setup Spirit FBLs on several helis without problems, but I have a couple now.
I'm seeing up a new XL Power Specter V2. Swash movements are correct to stick movements, but...
1. When I check for proper gyro compensation when holding the Heli up and pitching and rolling it, it does so properly in the roll axis, but pitch is reversed.
2. Rescue is all messed up. When rescue is enabled servo 2 goes almost full negative and #1 and #3 servos go negative but not as much as #2 resulting in a negative swash tilted back.
One other thing to note is the Spirit unit was in a terrible crash that resulted in a rekit (crash so bad it wasn't practical to repair so bought a new kit)
Any help will be appreciated .
PS I just put a different Spirit unit on the Heli and loaded the .4ds file onto it and even the second FBL has the same problems, so the crash is not the problem.

Problem resolved. I had the position incorrect. It's on the right side, not flat upright.

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