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Blinking Blue light on the Geo-Link
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Author:  tnjet [ Sun 23. Jan 2022 0:42:56 ]
Post subject:  Blinking Blue light on the Geo-Link


I'm having an issue with the Geo-link connected to a Spirit GTR. More than half the time when I land the heli, I am getting a flashing blue light on the Geo-link. The light is solid blue when I take off, but sometime during the flight, it starts flashing.

I also noticed that when that happens, the return to home feature does not work. I have to cycle the power to get the system back on-line. Seems like the GPS is loosing its connection to the satellite network. I fly at a field that is wide open with no trees and no overhead structures.

Is my Geo-link defective? It's only two months old.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Sun 23. Jan 2022 17:52:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blinking Blue light on the Geo-Link


when GeoLink LED light is flashing it mean it is not operating at all.
So any function from moment it is flashing will work in the same way as when you disconnect GeoLink in the air.

Flashing mean important issue and it is described here:

GeoLink Troubleshooting - Spirit System Manual

The only thing to make it work again is to reconnect the power. In other words it should never happen in normal circumstances.
At the linked page there are several tips to try.

If the behavior happened once, it will certainly happen next time if nothing will change unfortunately.

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