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PostPosted: Mon 05. Apr 2021 17:02:48 

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I've set my Taranis to "no pulses" for failsafe.
I've configured the required position for the channels, and pressed "set failsafe" in the spirit software.

When I turn off my radio, the diagnostic screen shows all channels being set to 118% and then they change to the required position about a second later, and the rudder servo judders rapidly until the radio is turned back on.
This doesn't seem right.

As a second test, I've set the taranis failsafe to "receiver", set the sticks to a known position (different to the failsafe stick pos in spirit), and set the failsafe in the frSky RXSR receiver (press the bind button once).

When I turn off the radio, the spirit sets the servos to the spirit failsafe position. (as expected) and the rudder doesn't judder.

With SBUS, there is a failsafe flag that indicates the presence of a failsafe, and when set, servo positions on the sbus should be ignored, therefore
"no pulses" is a valid setting for a failsafe when the flight controller is handling the failsafe, which is the case here, but spirit doesn't seem to handle it correctly?
I'm using the latest firmware for the spirit 2.

All my other spirits are set up with the radio failsafe set to "receiver". This is the 1st time I've set one up using no pulses, which is the correct option since the flight controller is handling the failsafe.

EDIT: After some further testing, it seems that when a failsafe occurs, the servos are set to the values from the receiver, then a second later, the spirit failsafe values are used. This seems wrong. When the failsafe flag is set, the receiver values should be ignored and the spirit failsafe values applied at once.

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