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Spirit u, SPM4650 & iX12 - integration problem(solved)
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Author:  TheSteve [ Sun 31. Jan 2021 0:21:55 ]
Post subject:  Spirit u, SPM4650 & iX12 - integration problem(solved)

Edit - just wanted to edit this to say the problem has been resolved.
The Integration now works differently then it used to, or does with an Ikon/Brain.
Moving the sticks to enter tx integration will cause the Spirit FBL menu to appear in the telemetry screen.

I have two Spirit micro's, several SPM4650's running 2.40 firmware and an iX12 running the current firmware.
In the past getting transmitter programming integration to work I had to perform a telemetry reset on the iX12.
With the latest iX12 firmware I can no longer get it to work at all. In fact I can't even get the TextGen screen to display on my iX12. Even if I select it manually it will not display. I have tried Spirit firmware 3.2.1 and 3.2.2.
What is odd is that with the same new iX12 firmware remote transmitter integration with an Ikon/Brain now works 100% perfectly, previously it also needed the telemetry reset.
I saw someone else report the same issue with SPM4650 or SPM4651 and an iX12 and they said creating a new model fixed it for them. I've tried that and so far it has made no difference.
The transmitter does detect telemetry during binding and enables/displays all of the telemetry screens(other then TextGen). I have tried rebinding many times and adding/removing telemetry options.

Any thoughts on other things I can try to get it to work?

edit - tried 3.2.0 as well, no change. It is nice that the firmware can be downloaded from within the program now but is there a reason it is crazy slow? The firmware file is super small but it takes nearly 2 minutes to download. It flashes into the FBL very quickly.

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