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Castle ICE2 HV 160 Telemetry
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Author:  luanda [ Sat 30. Jan 2021 18:12:29 ]
Post subject:  Castle ICE2 HV 160 Telemetry

Hello :D

I am setting up a new 700 heli with a CC ICE2 HV160 esc I had lying around. I know the ICE2 series is not officially supported with Spirit telemetry, but I have had good success in the past with Spirit and ICE2 HV 80 ESCs. Now with this 160hv it just does not work. I have done the 10k resistor mod and the spirit at 60hz thr and castle telemetry enabled. Live link is enabled in the ESC.

What happens is that it works for a short period after power on (1-4 min), but then it is as if the data gets corrupted. It starts with occasional telemetry drop outs and then worsens gradually to the point where the motor significantly glitches in rpm. I get the same drop outs even if just plug in the battery and leave the heli standing on the table motor off (thus unrelated to cable interference).

I am pretty much at the conclusion that this esc just does not work with live link, but I thought I would ask anyway if there is anything you think I may have overlooked? I'm at cc firmware 4.22 and have played around with a bunch of esc settings all with the same results.

ohh. and one more thing. If i switch off live link, do I need to remove the 10k resistor? It seems to work well in normal PWM mode even though the resistor is still there.

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