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[ Version 3.5.0 released! ]
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Mon 13. Mar 2023 12:09:56 ]
Post subject:  [ Version 3.5.0 released! ]

New version 3.5.0 released!

  • Added full support for FrSky F.BUS protocol:
    • New support for F.BUS protocol that carry telemetry and integration in one cable.
    • Possibility to connect F.BUS compatible telemetry sensors.
    • Support is available for Spirit Pro, Spirit 2, Spirit GT.
    • Wiring for Spirit Pro and Spirit 2 require FrSky integration cable.
    • Wiring can be found in our F.BUS guide.
  • Improved support for FrSky F.PORT protocol:
    • Support was added also for microSpirit, Spirit Pro and Spirit 2.
    • Wiring can be found in our F.Port guide.
  • Improved support for FrSky S.PORT telemetry and integration:
    • Improved support with some FrSky ACCESS receivers.
    • Avoiding telemetry lost messages.
  • Support for 24 channel JETI EX BUS protocol:
    • JETI radios can enable 24 channel mode from now.
    • It will work correctly in the same way as with a standard mode.
  • Support for Instant boot with recent Spirit units:
    • New feature that will allow instant booting after Flashing (apply for updates from version 3.5+). Unit will boot up without waiting.
    • When unit will loss voltage for short time it is able to fully recover instantly when flying enhancing safety.
    • Spirit GT and Spirit GTR: Improved safety when unit is hit by a very strong static dischage. In this case unit is able to recover when flying avoiding crash.
  • RealTime logging - Auto cleaning:
    • Added support for automatic Log cleaning during take off.
    • You can avoid full memory with this option.
    • Unit will carry log always only from the last flight with this option.
    • New Option is available in the Log Configuration window.
  • RealTime logging - New Clear Log behavior:
    • Logs are erased smoothly without interrupting operation of the Spirit unit.
    • Progress of the Erase operation is displayed in the RealTime Log window.
  • GeoLink Altitude Limit:
    • There is new parameter called Altitude - Low Limit. This parameter will replace Mode (2).
    • By default it is configured to 0 which will result in normal behavior from previous version.
    • When value is non-zero you can define Hard Deck limit directly in the software.
    • Altitude is zeroed when vibration level is under 2%. This can improve Altitude Limit precision with some models.
  • GeoLink - ISP coordinates:
    • Coordinates are obtained from different provider which will improve reliability.
  • HobbyWing v5 ESC telemetry:
    • Fixed current and capacity measurement with some models.
  • Spirit Settings under Windows:
    • COM port names do not contain any slash character.

Update for the Spirit units, JETI integration is available in our Download section.
New firmware for the Spirit units is available online directly through the software.

WARNING: Please be aware that GeoLink's function Altitude Limit behavior has changed. Check settings in the Spirit unit.

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