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[ Version 3.4.3 released! ]
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Mon 19. Sep 2022 9:40:04 ]
Post subject:  [ Version 3.4.3 released! ]

New version 3.4.3 released!

  • GeoLink v2 firmware update 1.3.2:
    • New method for communication with GNSS module to make data transfer between chips significantly faster.
    • This lead to overall performance improvement and how smooth all transitions are.
    • Logging was also improved so there are no unwanted log entries.
    • GeoLink v2 can now utilize 16 satellites at the same time.
    • GeoLink v2 speed measurement is working up to 400km/h.
  • GeoLink - Altitude Hold:
    • This function was reworked to significantly improve precision and dampen oscillations.
    • Configuration of the correction gains is much easier now - not needed in the most cases.
  • GeoLink - Return to Home and Geo-fence:
    • For Return to Home and Geo-fence functions there is parameter Return Altitude where you can configure height to which the model return. Now the altitude is maintained more precisely.
  • GeoLink - Automatic Landing:
    • Landing is more precise and smooth now.
  • Real-Time Logging update:
    • Fixed problem with a random spikes in the Logs caused by a slower connection with Spirit unit.
    • Fixed problem with a spike at the end of Logs that were previously recorded.
    • Fixed logging when a specific combination of parameters were selected.
  • Spirit Settings software:
    • When Screen Resolution is small (for example 1024x768) font size is smaller too. This will allow comfortable adjustment of parameters, especially in GeoLink window.
    • Size of Main window and GeoLink window is saved now. So that after exiting the app it will remember how big the window was and you do not have to resize it again.
    • For Apple Mac OS users there is improved Tab panel look.
    • Fixed Tab panel for GeoLink window under Apple Mac OS 10.15+.

Update for the Spirit Settings software is available in our Download section.
New firmware for the Spirit units and GeoLink v2 is available online directly through the software.

WARNING: Please be aware that GeoLink features might change its behavior, especially for altitude axis. Make sure to check all the features carefully.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Mon 19. Sep 2022 9:56:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: [ Version 3.4.3 released! ]

We also have new Guides and Updated manual for Spirit units.

For installation of the software on Windows 11 you can check this guide:
http://manual.spirit-system.com/index.p ... er_Windows

For installation on the latest Mac OS check this guide:
http://manual.spirit-system.com/index.p ... _under_Mac

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