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[ Version 3.3.3 released! ]
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Tue 26. Oct 2021 10:42:59 ]
Post subject:  [ Version 3.3.3 released! ]

New version 3.3.3 released!

  • Rescue (Automatic) improvement:
    • New Rescue (Automatic) behavior is introduced. Hard Deck altitude is now defined from altitude when the feature is engaged.
    • The function can be used as other Rescue modes - upon activation, Rescue is engaged for 1.5 second.
    • From then pilot can fly normally while unit is checking if model is under altitude at which the feature was activated.
    • In this way you can have variable limit for triggering the rescue mode automatically.
    • Hard Deck - Altitude Limit parameter was removed. Triggering altitude is not configured in the software anymore.
    • New parameter Altitude - Rotor Compensation for compensating inverted flight difference in engaging the rescue.
  • Spirit GT/GTR - altitude:
    • Altitude measurement is visible also when not flying.
  • GeoLink support:
    • GeoLink has updated communication protocol.
    • This will speedup all data requests sent to GeoLink module.
    • It has the biggest impact for Spirit GT and GTR units for a seamless communication.
  • GeoLink - Position Hold:
    • When function is enabled at the bench, there should be no unexpected swashplate movement if model is motionless.
    • It is possible to lift off even when function was enabled [With high caution!].
  • GeoLink - Return to Home:
    • When programming Home position and Bank Switching is disabled unit will not re-program data from other banks.
  • JETI telemetry update:
    • New telemetry variable S GPS Lat and S GPS Lon for showing GPS position.
    • Telemetry variables are sent with a higher refresh rate.
    • S Altitude is showing current altitude also when model is not flying.
  • FrSky telemetry update:
    • New telemetry variable GPS for showing GPS position available from GeoLink module.
    • GAlt is showing current altitude also when model is not flying.
    • GSpd is showing current speed obtained from GeoLink module.
  • HoTT telemetry update:
    • New telemetry variable Altitude for showing current Altitude available from GeoLink module or Spirit GT/GTR pressure sensor.
    • Altitude is showing current altitude also when model is not flying.
    • New telemetry variable showing BEC voltage as Pressure [GAM] when using ESC telemetry.
    • New telemetry variable showing Vibration Level as Temp2.
    • New telemetry variable showing Flight Speed from GeoLink module as Speed.
  • Kontronik Telemetry:
    • Old Kontronik telemetry supported with Spirit GT and GTR too.
    • NOTE: TelMe telemetry option is recommended for all Spirit unit when using Kosmik, Jive PRO or Kolibri ESCs.
  • Spirit Settings software:
    • Unit model type is displayed at the Connection tab.
    • Multiple RealTime logs can be opened from HDD.
    • Updated instruction when new Update is available.

Update for the Spirit units, Wifi-Link, JETI integration is available in our Download section.

No need to change any parameter after update from version 3.3.2.

IMPORTANT for Spirit RS/GTR users: Throttle channel is fixed to Channel 1. If other channel was configured in the mapping, please update your radio channel layout.
NOTE for Spirit GT/GTR users: Update is recommended for all GT and GTR pilots.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Tue 09. Nov 2021 8:22:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: [ Version 3.3.3 released! ]

New Integration files for JETI radios are available from today too :)

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