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PostPosted: Thu 24. Jun 2021 15:21:38 
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New version 3.3.0 released!

  • Support for new Spirit GT units:
    • Spirit GT is successor of Spirit Pro that was introduced in 2015.
    • It is based on a completely new technology with the most powerful chips out there.
    • Support for all emmbedded chips is included in 3.3.0.
    • Many exciting features are coming!
    • Specifications:
      • Dimensions: 36.8 x 29.6 x 13.9 mm
      • Weight: 20 grams
      • Material: Aluminium alloy AL6061-T6
      • Input Vultage: 3.5V - 15V
      • Motion Sensor: IMU MEMS with 20bit precision
      • Pressure Sensor: 24bit precision with 3 Pa resolution
      • Processor: Ultra Fast ARM M7, 462 DMIPS
      • Dedicated Memory: Up to 8000 flight logs
  • Support for new Spirit GTR units:
    • Spirit GTR will be introduced and available in July 2021.
    • Stay tuned!
  • Brand new RealTime Logging for Spirit GT:
    • Just log everything you want during entire flight.
    • Open RealTime Logging Window in the Diagnostic tab and set any telemetry or internal parameter for logging.
    • No special transmitter is needed.
    • 34 variables for logging, yet this number is unlimited for future updates.
    • Everything is logged seemlessly to a dedicated Memory chip.
    • All variables can be logged at 1 - 50 Hz rate, yet technically even 1000 Hz is not a problem.
    • Automatic PowerUp counter with one User counter.
    • Even 8000 logs can fit in the memory!
    • All ESC telemetry and GeoLink module variables can be logged too.
    • Each log can be debugged and examined carefully.
    • Memory Usage can be checked at any moment.
    • When memory is full, logs are automatically erased. Logging then continue without interruption.
    • Logging is started automatically once a rotor will start spinning.
    • Support for Saving and Loading the Log Files.
    • Demo mode allow to View saved Log Files.
  • Support for new receiver type - FrSky F.Port:
    • Telemetry, integration and channels are transmitted through a single cable.
    • Almost all older FrSky receivers can be updated for this protocol and utilize it.
    • Integration speed is noticeably enhanced when compared to S.PORT.
    • No special cable is needed.
    • Support is available for Spirit GT only now.
    • Upcoming update will allow support for all Spirit units too (with FrSky integration cable).
    • For more details please visit FrSky F.Port Wiki page.
  • JETI receivers with Spirit GT:
    • A stright cable is enough now.
    • JETI integration cable is not required here.
  • Futaba S.BUS2 and FrSky receivers with Spirit GT:
    • A stright cable to RUD port is enough now.
    • FrSky integration cable is not required anymore.
  • Brand new Rescue mode for Spirit GT:
    • Because Spirit GT has integrated Pressure sensor it was possible to reach next level and implement enhanced Rescue mode.
    • Rescue (Automatic) can save your model whenever it will drop under configured altitude level.
    • Set Stabi/Function to Rescue (Automatic) and once model is in the air, engage the feature by assigned switch.
    • Spirit will engage Rescue for you if model is too low. Rescue and model will ascend until it will pass defined altitude threshold.
    • Rescue is great addition for beginners and for radios without a momentary switch.
  • Rescue - Smoothing Factor parameter update:
    • Transition is smoother and will finish always with swashplate in the center.
    • Value 1 is now configured as factory default.
  • JETI telemetry - New Altitude and Speed parameters:
    • Altitude and Speed telemetry variables are available from now.
    • Variables are calculated from GeoLink module or Spirit GT - depending on what is available.
  • Spirit Settings - Backup tab:
    • When loading older settings file Antigravity and Rescue Smoothing Factor is not loaded.
    • This will prevent from unwanted values.
  • FrSky S.PORT telemetry update:
    • Telemetry data are sent in a faster rate and they are sent all together.
    • New Altitude telemetry variable is sent with Spirit GT.
    • No telemetry loss is present even when integration menu is active.
    • Spirit GT does not require FrSky integration cable at all.
  • FrSky SBUS protocol support enhancement:
    • Support for updated protocol in FrSky ACCESS receivers in 16-channel layout.
  • Spirit Settings - Update tab:
    • Software will detect if Spirit Server is Offline or if there is some problem.
    • Software will detect if user has working Internet connection and will display notification during a problem.
  • Spirit Settings - Connection tab:
    • News button will load the News from the current version also after start up.
  • Spirit Settings Installer - USB interface driver:
    • The latest USB interface driver for Windows 10 is included in the installer.
    • It is recommended to use the latest driver version before flashing a firmware.

No need to change any parameter after update from version 3.2.2.

Update of the Spirit Settings, JETI integration (soon) is available in our Download section.

Example RealTime Log can be downloaded here: Flight Log - Test.
It can be opened in the Demo mode - Diagnostic tab - Advanced Flight Viewer.

spirit-plot3.png [ 223.16 KiB | Viewed 9124 times ]
spirit-plot.png [ 208.46 KiB | Viewed 9124 times ]
spirit-plot2.png [ 211.12 KiB | Viewed 9124 times ]

Spirit System developer
PostPosted: Wed 30. Jun 2021 13:56:27 
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Wifi-Link modules received update 3.3.0 today!

You can download from our web pages.

It has support for Spirit GT and Spirit unit has icon in the General tab depending on unit type.

Spirit System developer

PostPosted: Wed 07. Jul 2021 10:06:10 
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Joined: Mon 29. Apr 2013 16:06:44
Posts: 12305
New version 3.3.1 released!

  • External RPM readout:
    • Fixed problem with external RPM signal readout in some setups.
    • If you use RPM signal readout please update to 3.3.1.
  • Fixed Recovery Mode:
    • Spirit units can be flashed in Recovery mode normally again.
  • Updated Align presets:
    • Align presets in the Setup Wizard were updated to mirror increasing speed of the Tail Servos.
    • Rudder Delay was decreased.
  • New Align T-Rex 470 preset:
    • You can use preset for T-Rex 470 in the Setup Wizard from now.
  • Spirit Settings on Mac OSX Big Sur:
    • Users of Big Sur will properly see active Tab Labels now.

No need to change any parameter after update from version 3.3.0.

Spirit System developer

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