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PostPosted: Fri 29. May 2020 11:54:58 
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New version 3.1.0 released!

  • Completely new algorithms for Rescue and Stabilisation modes:
    • New version of revolutionary Sensor Fusion technology for completely all Spirit units is here!
    • Rescue and stabilisation modes were totally reworked from scratch.
    • It brings significant advancements in precision, reliability and flexibility.
    • Model can be powered up, transported and left at any attitude during or after initialization. Yet it has no impact at Rescue and Stabilisation precision.
    • Model can be lifted off from an uneven surface without affecting Rescue and Stabilisation modes.
    • It can work reliably under the most demanding maneuvers and very harsh environment at the same time.
    • Suitable for all models.
  • New parameter Stabi Correction:
    • It enables additional corrections from a Motion Sensor for further precision improvement of the Rescue and Stabilisation modes.
    • For models with a high vibration level it is recommended to leave default settings. (Disabled)
    • Enables the most advanced Rescue and Stabilisation technology.
    • Located in the Advanced/Expert Settings window.
    • Feature is turned off by default.
  • New Vibration Level measurement:
    • Vibration Level telemetry value is calculated by a new algorithm from all axes.
    • Vibration Level is more precise and is corresponding exactly with a real vibrations of the model.
  • Updated Sensor data processing:
    • Improved Sensor Data processing allows better rejection of possible interferences from connected peripherals.
  • RPM Signal Processing:
    • RPM signal measurement should be more stable and reliable with some models.
    • This can result in better Governor performance and a proper operation.
  • GeoLink - Completely new navigation system algorithms:
    • GeoLink features can operate more precisely and reliably with any flight style.
    • GeoLink Compass precision has been enhanced by one order.
    • GeoLink is utilizing 9-axis Motion Fusion for Compass Heading calculation.
    • GeoLink can find absolute position of the model at any given moment.
  • GeoLink - New Return to Home feature:
    • When configuring channel value to 50% for F: GeoLink - Return to Home new feature is engaged. State (4)
    • Model will return to a Lift Off position.
    • Lift Off position is automatically programmed any time model is not flying.
    • Lift Off position is independent from programmed Home spot and is stored in a volatile memory.
    • Pilot do not have to program any spot and do not have to care about changing field.
    • Original RTH feature is unchanged and can be utilized complementary.
  • GeoLink - Firmware update:
    • Firmware updating is more reliable with all Spirit units.
  • GeoLink - Connection stability:
    • GeoLink logging enablement during model take off is more reliable.
    • Old (original) Spirit units are handling communication more seemlessly.
  • GeoLink - Vertical Correction Gain:
    • Vertical Correction Gain range has been increased to 20 - 150%.
  • GeoLink - electrostatic immunity increased:
    • During high electrostatic discharges connection was prone for freezing. From now it is established again.
  • GeoLink - Calibration:
    • If the Compass Calibration will be unfinished 3 times the GeoLink will use the previous calibration data.
    • GeoLink will return to a normal operation mode after 3 calibration failures.
  • Support for Spirit RS units:
    • Full support for brand new Spirit RS units.
    • Spirit RS introducing control board and telemetry receiver in a single rigid package!
    • Specifications:
      • Dimensions: 36.8 x 27.15 x 15.8 mm
      • Weight: 23 grams
      • Material: Aluminium alloy AL6061-T6
      • Input Vultage: 3.5V - 12V
      • Sensor: 12-Axis Sensor Fusion
      • Processor: 32bit high performance ARM

    • Units are already available for order.
    • More information will be available at Spirit System information channels.
  • Extended JETI integration:
    • JETI integration has major improvements and new features.
    • Improved appearance of the integration menu.
    • New verification for the Integration file version mismatch.
    • New Setup Wizard that will guide you through entire Spirit setup with all necessary instructions.
    • New Vibration Analysis screen - you can view Vibrations at the plot in a real-time (except first Spirit units).
    • New BEC Tester that can test power supply of the model.
    • New Log Viewer that will allow you to view all flight events in a real-time.
    • New Diagnostic screen that will display deflections of all channels and additional details.
  • SRXL2 protocol improvements:
    • Support for all full-size SRXL2 receivers.
    • All SRXL2 based receivers can operate flawlessly now.
    • Full integration and telemetry with all Spirit units is working with any SRXL2 receiver.
    • Wiring instructions were updated. See SRXL2 Wiki page.
    • Fixed Failsafe mode being not triggered with some receivers.
    • IMPORTANT: Gyro Gain Channel has been reversed. Default channel reversing can be used now. Please reverse your Gyro Gain channel!
  • JETI EX BUS protocol improvements:
    • Default channel values with inactive receiver connection were updated.
    • All channels were centered.
  • Control loop enhancements:
    • New optimizations for all units in the control algorithms allowing even faster regulation processing.
    • Algorithms require less computing power which is beneficial especially for the first Spirit units.
    • Calculations are performed in two separate processor cores.
  • Tandem Helicopter support:
    • Support for twin-rotor tandem helicopters has been improved.
    • Elevator regulation is less sensitive making reactions more equal for all axes, resulting in a more stable flight.
  • Smoother Flight performance:
    • Flight characteristics were improved with faster response time for all units.
  • Special Function - P: Pirouette Consistency:
    • Adjustable range was changed to 50 - 250.
  • Special Function - P: Holding Performance:
    • Adjustable range was changed to 1 - 10.
  • Stick Deadband parameter:
    • Adjustable range was changed to 2 - 30.
  • Spirit Settings - firmware update:
    • Servo signal is turned off before flashing to prevent unexpected movement.

No need to change any parameter after update from version 2.6. and newer.

SRXL2 users: Reverse Gyro Gain channel.
RESCUE users: Once Rescue is engaged, please verify the swashplate is level after update.
STABILISATION users: Once stabilisation is engaged, please verify the swashplate is level after update.
GEOLINK users: Update GeoLink firmware to 1.2.0.

Update for the Spirit units, Wifi-Link, JETI integration is available in our Download section.

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