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PostPosted: Sun 17. Apr 2016 8:26:19 

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With new Version 2.3, Auto rotation Bailout with Castle Creation Edge works fantastic now, Spoolup 10 Seconds Bailout 2-3 Seconds.
I keep this topic updated in regards to latest findings, last edit: 12th March 2017

From a principle point of view, it should work this way with any ESC with integrated Bailout functionality.
If your not looking for Bailout but just Governing via Spirit, don't program the mixer in your TX below.
Configure the rest, so Bailout can be enabled later by just adding the mixer in your TX (transmitter).

With CC you have got two options for external Gov functionality:
a) Use ESC in Multirotor Mode or Airplane Mode, which leaves full control to Spirit GOV, any wrong manipulation (like deselecting Gov in Spirit) will strip gear.
b) Use ESC in External Gov Mode with build-in Autorotation Bailout, which leaves Spoolup and Bailout control to ESC and Spirit combined. I prefer and describe this one, as its more safe for users.

ESC (Castle Creation Edge) ESC Preparation:
1) Configure ESC in Vehicle Type : External Governor with fix Endpoints
2) Enable Autorotation
3) Initial Spoolup: 8 (This is for Spoolup)
4) Rate Change: 20 customs (This is for Change and Autorotation Bailout)
5) Optional, adjust Startpower under tab Motor for the first revolutions I had to lower on 12S (15) , 6S (59 medium) was fine.
6) Enable AUX Wire for RPM out, if there is no AUX, use 3rd party Sensor to tell Spirit current motor rpm.

TX Preparation:
For Spirit 12% is Bailout threshold, above 50% GOV gets engaged, between 12..50 it's pass trough mode.
1) Set Straight Lines (Hold 0% / Normal ~75% / F1 ~90% F2 100%) This are your target rpms. max Speed in Gov Setting multiplied by % in diagnostics) Values are up to you, for Setup 0% and 100% required.
2) Make sure your TX matches 0..100% on Spirit Diagnostics from Hold to Full, adjust by servo Travel in TX.
3) Define a Mixer on a Switch, I call it Autorotation Training Switch, if I enable this Switch, Hold will not go below 15%
Pending on TX how you do it. On my DX 9 I use Switch E (Mix E-> TRH 30% ) On Flightmode Hold only.
Test it on Spirit Diagnostics, you should see normal throttle out, but if this Switch is enabled, see 15% on Hold.
Well with this, you tell Spirit, as well as ESC to activate Bailout once GOV was engaged.

Spirit with Firmware 2.0 Preparation:
From a conceptional point of view. Spirit unit sees whats coming from TX, this is telling Spirit what to do. Spirit than adjust what it's sending to ESC pending on min max Range. Now we have to adjust range to meet ESC requirements.
On my CC Edge setup, ESC likes to see the following, with activated Autorotation in Gov Mode: OFF > 1000us, Bailout 1000us...1100us, Full ..1900us. If we do the calculation, 1100us equals 11.11%, while Spirit requires at least 12% for Autorotation, so we need an overlap of this two ranges to be on safe side. On TX we mixed up to 15% so we done there, now we have to match on whats send to ESC. What we do, we lower the min, to get higher % value to stay within ESC Bailout window. On Range 900..1930us, 15% will give 1054us, that's perfect. Remember below 50% it's pass through adjusted by min/max range.
1) Spirit Gov. Min Range: 900us this is very important
2) Spirit Gov. Max Range: 1930us
3) I use 200Hz, works with 333Hz as well, but there is now point to do.
4) Spoolup Rate: "fast", try "very fast" later, I use "very fast".
5) Spoolup rampup: 140us, this closes the gap from 900us to 1100us for immediate revolution after Hold release on initial Spool up.
6) To get max overlap on Spirit Bailout and CC Bailout, Enable Switch on Hold and increase MIX from 30%, till Motor starts to rotate, than lower by 2% I ended up at 38%

If you look for more detailed information on this calculation, have a look on this post:

Important Note added for FW2.1 initial release (August 28th 2016)
Do not use Rampup bigger than 100us, stay at or below 100us as with initial release, Bailout won't fully stop.
For the moment all you have to accept is a little paus till you get first revolutions. Dev. Team is aware of this.

To monitor ESC signal, add Servo instead of ESC or use Y-cable and add Servo. You should see initial position and coming out of Hold a Jump (Spoolup-rampup), followed by slow moveup to full position.

Tune bailout time in Adv. Menu Tab.
Gov Response (8) and Gov Hold (5) can be tuned now as advised in manual. I did en up with the values in ().

Hope it works fro you as well, I enjoy new Bailout just today with my SOXOS DB7 12S Setup with CC Edge 160HV, SOXOS 600 8S with CC Edge 200A a lot, let me know.

Oxy4max SpiritPro + HW // SOXOS 550, SpiritPro, HW120A V4, 920KV // SOXOS 600, SpiritPro, HW160A, Pyro650 // SOXOS Strike7, SpiritPro, HW160A, Pyro750 // Skywing Spirit Aero // FrSky Horus X10S + Taranis X7 /

PostPosted: Thu 10. May 2018 20:56:52 

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Thank you for this guide.
Is there any reason not to use CC's Live Link for RPM telemetry, instead of the AUX wire?

PostPosted: Sat 10. Apr 2021 7:28:56 
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Hoeze wrote:
Thank you for this guide.
Is there any reason not to use CC's Live Link for RPM telemetry, instead of the AUX wire?

Yes, telemetry data are too slow for Governor to work.

Spirit System developer

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